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About Lance Edit

Fuck all of you, this is the unofficial official wiki for Lance Murphy, the deadbeat father of Michael Murphy. This wiki is pretty much garbage right now, but it's only just begun to catch on fire, so hopefully we can keep firing and burning the fucker up. :(

Lance is an average everyday Joe who likes to spend quality time with his family, but especially his son Michael D. Murphy. Lance loves to fondle and play with his son's genitals on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, they both enjoy it very much. But Lance's wife and mother of Michael Murphy, Michelle Carter-Murphy, is not very pleased when she learns of Lance's preference of Michael over her in the bed, so she murders Lance by poisoning his favorite brand of coffee, resulting in a congestive heart failure.

Lance was a good man in life, so we should all try our hardest to keep his memory alive, and pray for Michael and his family for losing such a dearly loved family member. Please keep them in you're thoughts, and may god be with you Lance :)

This wiki currently has 88 shitty niggers and 1 active jiggaboos.

Started on December 30th, 2012.

Contents Edit

The Murphy's

-Lance Murphy

-Michael Murphy

-Michelle Carter-Murphy

-Lane Murphy

-Lake Murphy

-Link Murphy

-Travis Murphy

The Lance Incident

-Lance's backstory

-Lance and Michael


-The Death of Lance Murphy

The Chronicles of Michael Murphy

-Life Without Dad

-Shadowfox banned

-New job at Hungry Tom's

-Fired from job

-Fake Girlfriend

-Lance's ashes

-Michael's views on the people that talk trash about Lance Murphy

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