Using switchdef, you can define your own buttons and switches that change texture upon activating. A single switch definition starts with an opening curly bracket, the switch properties, and finally the closing curly bracket. To use the switch in a map, simply use the off texture and give the face an action with activation type set to 'Object activates'.

Switchdef PropertiesEdit

  • on = "<texture name>"
  • off = "<texture name>"


Wrack's switch definition:

on = "wall_switch1_on.png"
off = "wall_switch1_off.png"

Three new switches:

	off = "sw1brik.png"
	on = "sw2brik.png"
	off = "sw1met2.png"
	on = "sw2met2.png"
	off = "sw1stone.png"
	on = "sw2stone.png"

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