Small bag

The small gold bag gives the player a score of 500 and was first seen the the level E1M2. it has a light grey texture and has the same model as the other bags. Because of it's larger nature it is typically not placed with other treasure items, but instead put with health or ammo.


Objectdef Edit

GoldBag_SmallPlaced : MeshMapObject
// Properties.
script = "pickupitem_norestore_treasure.txt"
giveitem = "GoldBag_Small", 1
radius = 12
height = 16
editorcolor = 61 99 212
editorcategory = "Treasures"
mesh = goldbag.x
pickupmessage = "SCORE +500"
pickupsound = "pickup_treasure.wav"
GoldBag_Small : TreasureObject
points = 500

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