Skyboxes in Wrack are made with six textures arranged in a cube.

Skybox PropertiesEdit

  • name = "<skybox name>"
The name of the skybox. This is the name entered in the map properties window in WrackEd.
  • rotatespeed = <floating point number>
How fast the sky rotates. Negative values will spin clockwise, positive will spin counter-clockwise. It is recommended to use a value in the range of -1.0 and 1.0. A value of 0.0f will insure the sky does not spin.
  • top = <texture name>
  • bottom = <texture name>
  • north = <texture name>
  • east = <texture name>
  • south = <texture name>
  • west = <texture name>
The six face textures of the skybox. In order for the skybox to work properly, all of them are required.


Wrack's skybox definitions for the first episode (so far):

name = "E1L1"
rotatespeed = 0.0f
top = E1L1_top.png
bottom = E1L1_bottom.png
north = E1L1_north.png
south = E1L1_south.png
east = E1L1_east.png
west = E1L1_west.png

name = "E1L2"
rotatespeed = 0.0f
top = E1L2_top.png
bottom = E1L2_bottom.png
north = E1L2_north.png
south = E1L2_south.png
east = E1L2_east.png
west = E1L2_west.png

name = "E1L4"
rotatespeed = 0.0f
top = E1L4_top.png
bottom = E1L4_bottom.png
north = E1L4_north.png
south = E1L4_south.png
east = E1L4_east.png
west = E1L4_west.png

name = "E1L6"
rotatespeed = 0.0f
top = E1L6_top.png
bottom = E1L6_bottom.png
north = E1L6_north.png
south = E1L6_south.png
east = E1L6_east.png
west = E1L6_west.png

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