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Wrack comes with a set of different skill levels (also known as difficulty setting) which you can choose from before you start playing. These skill levels make sure inexperienced as well as experienced FPS players can enjoy the game or seek a challenge.

Difficulty settings Edit

Skill Name Difficulty Description Effect
1 Cakewalk Easy Start with cheats enabled and access to a cheats menu. See description.
2 Casual Easy Standard difficulty for casual players. None.
3 Medium Medium Moderate difficulty for experienced players. Enemies deal higher damage.
4 Hardcore Hard High difficulty for players seeking a challenge. Enemies deal higher damage, projectiles travel faster and enemies are more likely to attack.

Less chain time.

Quicksave kicks out of game and gets deleted upon load.

5 Bullshit! Hard !!! Enemies deal very high damage, projectiles travel very fast and enemies are extremely hostile.

The least chain time.

Quicksave kicks out of game and gets deleted upon load.

No checkpoints.

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