Statistics Edit

Damage 30
Rate of fire 0.3s
DPS 90
Ammo use Bullets
Capacity 250
First seen in E1M1: Metroplex

Pistol Viewmodel

Description Edit

The pistol is a weak weapon, but has a near 100% accuracy which is great for taking out enemies from a distance. Picking up a pistol gives 24 bullets.


The pistol is great for taking out hard-to-hit enemies like sentries. Rather than chasing the sentries with your crosshair, aim the crosshair in a direction you know the sentry will cross over into, then shoot them when they enter the crosshair. Strafe to avoid projectile damage. The pistol can reach very far with near-perfect accuracy, making it useful for attacking distant enemies. When shooting enemies far off, weapons like the shotgun dramatically lose power. Use the pistol instead. If you are waiting for a platform to carry you over to another farther-off side that has enemies, use the pistol to take them out efficiently. If you only use the pistol for long-range combat and on weaker enemies, you should be left with a large stock of bullets, so you won't have to worry about running out of ammo.

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