This section shows properties that can be applied to the object. To define a property, specify the name of the property, followed by the = operator, and supply valid argument(s). Inheriting from an object also inherits all of it's properties, though some of them can be replaced/redefined.

Property NameDescriptionTypeNotesExample
displayname The name of the object as displayed in-game. string displayname = "Geizer"
script Aiscript to load for this object. string script = "pickupitem.txt"
projectile The specified object will be spawned as a projectile. string projectile = "Rocket"
projectileheight Vertical offset (y-axis) to spawn projectile when attacking. float projectileheight = 40.0
numprojectiles The number of projectiles to spawn when attacking. integer numprojectiles = 1
spreadangle Projectile spreads out in the specified angle. float spreadangle = 5.0
giveitem When picked up, this object will be given. string, integer Additive giveitem = "pistol", 1

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