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This page will show how to make a new 3D model in wrack.

The BasicsEdit

You will need Blender 2.69.

Before you start anything learn the basics about Blender first

Videos Edit

These are the video to understand the basic of blender

Animation KeysEdit

After you finish making a model which complete with bones

you need to record the animation keys

  1. Make three new windows called
  • Dope Sheet
  •  Timeline
  • NLA Editor

2. In Wrack, common animation keys in arcturan is below. You are freely to name it whatever you like but for  learning purpose we will use this animation keys set

  • idle
  • fidget1
  • fidget2
  • raise
  • shoot
  • lower
  • death1
  • death2
  • death3
  • chase
  • punch
  • stun

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