There are various items that assist the player within wrack, currently all avalible items assist rather than cause problems for the player.

You can see a more detailed listing of the items here .


Name Ammo on pickup Small Ammo Box Ammo
Pistol 24 12 60
Shotgun 8 4 16
Pulsar 30 12 45


Rank Heals for Heal Limit

Max Health


First Seen In
Bonus 5 200/200 n/a E1M1
Medkit 25 100/200 n/a E1M1
Big Max 100/200 n/a E1M1
Max 100 100/200 n/a E1M1
Max Bonus 105 105/200 +5 E1M2

If the player is at the health limit for a health pickup, the item will remain not picked up.


Armour is often found either tucked to the sides of rooms or after boss fights, and will help to keep the player alive.

Rank Amour Armour Limit

Max Armour


First Seen In
Bonus 5 200/200 n/a E1M1
Light 25 100/200 n/a E1M1
Medium 50 100/200 n/a ?
Heavy 100 100/200 n/a E1M1
Hyper 200 200/200 n/a ?
Max Bonus 5 n/a +5 E1M2

If the player is at or above the armour limit for that item, the item will remain not picked up.


These items give the player pure score, and are often hidden away in secret areas or tucked away in corners out of natural sight lines. Larger items of gold are recorded on the end of level screen as "Treasure".

Rank Score First Seen In
Coins 250 E1M1
Small Bag 500 E1M2
Medium Bag 1000 E1M1
Large Bag 2500 E1M2
Chest 5000 E1M3
Statue 10000 ?

File:Wrack Gold.jpg

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