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Gold Coins are the smallest and most common way of aquiring score without killing monsters.They are represented by a small tower of coins and are commonly found tucked away in small corners or secrets, typically to supplement a more significant items such as a life or a max armour bonus .

They make a sound like coins being poured onto coins when picked up and give the player 250 score points , which are tallied up at the end of the level .


Objectdef Edit

GoldCoinsPlaced : MeshMapObject
	// Properties.
	script = "pickupitem_norestore_treasure.txt"
	giveitem = "GoldCoins", 1
	radius = 8
	height = 8
	editorcolor = 61 99 212
	editorcategory = "Treasures"
	mesh = goldcoins.x
	pickupmessage = "SCORE +250"
	pickupsound = "pickup_treasure.wav"
GoldCoins : TreasureObject
	points = 250

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