Official artwork.

Fabian Long is the best friend of Wrack’s protagonist, Kain Sager. Being highly gifted in the realms of science and engineering, he builds gadgets and weapons for Kain – including his Hyperblade.

Over the years, however, his immense talents have taken their toll. Without being forced to try hard at things growing up, he’s become narcissistic and lazy – only doing things when he “feels like it”. Most of the time, he’d rather be off having a good time and being a ladies’ man...but when he focuses and buckles down and does his job...there’s nobody better.

Fabian is classified as an engineer and thief. His weapon is the Protoclaw.

Notes Edit

He was introduced on the 12th of December, 2012.

Trivia Edit

Fabian Long's design seems to be inspired by John Romero's[1] look during the 90's.

References Edit

  1. Brad Carney's twitter post

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