Currently, extratexturedef is used mostly to assign bloom textures to the base textures. This includes mesh textures as well as map textures.

Extratexturedef propertiesEdit

  • basetexture = "<base texture name>"
The texture you want to modify.
  • bloommaptexture = "<bloom map texture name>"
The bloom texture you want to apply to the base image.


A few textures from Wrack:

basetexture = "ceil_roundlight_darkgray1.png"
bloommaptexture = "ceil_roundlight_bloom.png"

basetexture = "wall_trimlight1.png"
bloommaptexture = "wall_trimlight1_bloom.png"

basetexture = "pulsecells.png"
bloommaptexture = "pulsecells_bloom.png"

basetexture = "hyperblade.png"
bloommaptexture = "hyperblade_bloom.png"

A new definition:

basetexture = "SW1DIRT.png"
bloommaptexture = "SW1DIRT_bloom.png"

Notes about bloom texturesEdit

The bloom textures should be a simple image with only black and white colors. Black areas are unlit, while white areas are bloomed. The bloom textures do not need to be located in the textures namespace. In fact, it is recommended to keep it separate from your other custom textures so that unnecessary textures aren't added to the list of selectable textures in WrackEd. Bug: If the base texture has any transparency, bloom textures won't be applied to the base texture.

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