E1L4's theme is completely different compared to the previous levels.

E1L4 is the fourth level of the first episode. It uses a new set of textures which are also used in E1L5: Recycling Center - Part 2. This level introduces conveyor belts, Kamikaze Crawlers, Spreadshot Arcturans, Autofire Turrets, miniboss Zombo, Guardsphere, crushing walls and ceilings.

It uses the music track "The Crusher" by Robert Prince.

Available weapons Edit

The player starts with Hyperblade, with a pistol lying on the ground just ahead of him and a shotgun just around the corner. The Pulsar is found a short while after.

Enemies Edit

This level features Lower Arcturans, the normal Arcturans, the Arcturan Spread, Crushers, Crawlers as well as their Kamikaze counterparts, Turrets, Autofire Turrets, Sentries and miniboss Zombo.

Boss fight Edit

Item statistics Edit

Item type Total value
Bonus Max Armour 1
Max Health
Extra life 1

Secrets Edit

  • Secret 1: a gold pot that can be found in the first area, just before the first doors on the right.
  • Secret 2: an extra life can be found in the first conveyor belt corridor, right before the Zombo miniboss fight area.
  • Secret 3: after killing the Zombo miniboss, a ledge becomes accessible after the barrier has been raised that closes the room. The player can access it by jumping on the wall around the stairs and then jumping on to the ledge.
  • Secret 4: in the room with the crushing ceiling, as demonstrated on the screenshot below.

Gallery Edit

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