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Crosshairs added using Crosshairdef can be selected in the display settings menu in Wrack, or by altering the hud_crosshair console variable.

Crosshairdef PropertiesEdit

  • name = "<crosshair name>"
The name as it appears in the display menu and in the console.
  • graphic = "<texture name>"
The name of the crosshair file in the graphics directory. Recommended dimensions for custom crosshairs should be between 16x16 and 64x64. Most of Wrack's crosshairs are 48x48.


A few of Wrack's crosshairs:

name = "Cross 1"
graphic = "crosshair_cross1.png"

name = "Split cross 2"
graphic = "crosshair_splitcross2.png"

name = "X 3"
graphic = "crosshair_x3.png"

name = "Horizontal 4"
graphic = "crosshair_horizontal4.png"

A new definition:

name = "Crossbox 1"
graphic = "crosshair_crossbox1.png"

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