Statistics Edit

Damage per rocket 200
Rate of fire Very Slow
Ammo use Rockets
Capacity 40
First seen in E1L6: Fusion Plant - Part 1

Description Edit

The bazooka is great for dealing with large groups of enemies at a medium to long range. It has a potent ability to gib the monsters it kills, killing most enemies in one hit. It can also be used for bazooka jumping, particularly when in combination with the blast gaurd item, which is hinted at in the protips.

Strategy Edit

It isn't recommended to use the bazooka in close range, as the explosion damage will most likely kill you instantly unless you have more than 100 health and some armor. It currently has the slowest fire rate of any weapon in the game, but it has the longest kill-chain delay (3 seconds). The area-of-effect explosive damage works great against large groups of Arcturans and Crawlers. The long reload time will leave you vulnerable for a short period.

Objectdef Edit

There are two objects associated with the Bazooka.

The item pickup:

BazookaPlaced : MeshMapObject
	// Properties.
	script = "pickupitem_norestore.txt"
	giveitem = "bazooka", 1
	giveitem = "RocketAmmo", 5
	radius = 24
	height = 32
	editorcolor = 240 240 0
	editorcategory = "Weapons"
	pickupmessage = "BAZOOKA"
	mesh = "bazooka.x"

The weapon in the player's inventory:

Bazooka : MeshWeaponObject
	// Properties.
	scalex = 2.5
	scaley = 2.5
	scalez = 2.5
	script = "bazooka.txt"
	radius = 16
	editorcolor = 255 64 64
	mesh = "bazooka_held.x"
	offset = 6.0 -14.0 -6.0
	ammouse = RocketAmmo
	sortorder = 5
	knockback = 192.0
	killchaindelay = 180

Gallery Edit

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