Coloured modeling sketch.

Arcturans are beings from the star system Arcturus have been at war with another alien civilization for decades. Having depleted nearly all of their home planet's resources, they send out reconnaissance ships to find ways to replenish their war machine. One of those ships discovers a device that provides the Arcturans with an endless supply of resources.

Now, with the Hyperion Generator in their sights as the means to their salvation, they prepare to do what they do best...strike! Pacified and defenseless, Earth is now helpless against such an assault.

Ranks Edit


Arcturans seen in-game with a Crawler and Kamikaze.

Arcturans are divided into ranks. Each rank has a different appearance and weapon.

Unreleased ranks Edit

There are a few ranks which haven't appeared in the game yet. It is unknown when these will see the light of the day.

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